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Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks? A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture. As the skin heals, stretch marks may appear. Not everyone develops these narrow bands on their skin. Fluctuating hormone levels […]

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Uh Oh….I have Gum in My Hair!

There is no need to worry if chewing gum gets stuck in your child’s hair (or maybe your own hair). Simply follow these steps from dermatology providers: Find a jar of creamy style peanut butter, vegetable oil, or olive oil. Cover the gum completely with peanut butter or oil using your fingers or an old […]

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How to Stop Biting Your Nails

I often see patients in the clinic who bite their nails.  This is not their primary concern, however, I notice it during skin exams. Nail biting typically begins in childhood and can continue through adulthood, and the side effects can be more than cosmetic. Repeated nail biting can make the skin around your nails feel […]

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Minimizing Your Scars

The human body is quite amazing.  It has the incredible ability to heal itself.   However, many people worry after an injury about what their scar will look like, especially if it is in a cosmetically sensitive area. Whenever your skin is injured – whether by accident or from surgery – your body works to repair […]

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Sun Protective Clothing

Do you get tired of having to reapply sunscreen to your arms and hard to reach areas like your back?  Have you ever wondered if there are other ways to protect your skin other than sunscreen?  Sun protective clothing may be the solution for you! I am an avid outdoors-man.  I spend hours backpacking, camping, […]

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Differin 0.1% Gel – The New Acne OTC

When people go to the store and look for acne washes and medications it can be overwhelming.  There are countless formulations of benzoyl peroxide, salacylic acid, and sulphur.  So which ones work?  A new over-the-counter (OTC) acne medication has hit the market, Differin 0.1% gel.  It was once a prescription medication, but has recently become […]

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Molluscum Contagiosum

How many of you have children who have had small pearly bumps on their face, arms, legs, or stomach?  They may have gone away on their own or you may have gone to see a medical provider.  These are/were most likely molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum are small, pink, pearly bumps that often have a central indentation.  […]

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Cutaneous Larva Migrans

Cutaneous larva migrans is a parasitic infection caused by a hookworm.  This hookworm can be found in the digestive tracts of dogs, cats, and other animals.  Classically, people become infected with this worm when they are barefoot at either the beach or the lake.  After becoming infected, pink to red snake like lines appear on […]

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Actinic Keratotoses (Pre-Cancers)

Have you ever been to the dermatology clinic and had “pre-cancers” frozen?  Do you know what causes these, why we treat them, or what treatment options are available?  I will be answering all of these questions and more in this most recent blog entry. Actinic keratoses are a reflection of abnormal cell development in the […]

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Keratosis Pilaris (KP)

We are going to take a short break from our provider skin care regimen series to discuss a dermatology condition I get more questions about during the winter. Have you ever wondered what those small, rough bumps are on the back of your upper arms and tops of your thighs?  The bumps usually get better […]

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